Forget them-usual -burgers at Barcelos

Forget them-usual -burgers at Barcelos

If you’re in Hauz khas village and craving some delicious burgers, then this is the place to be in. They have some kick-ass burgers that’ll leave you chanting their name for weeks, and you’ll end up visiting the place twice or thrice or even more i guess 

*evil laugh*
‘Barcelos’ is the pioneer of colourful burgers in India. For people who don’t know, yes ‘colour burgers’ are a thing!
These cute beautiful little things look like as they’ve been dropped directly from heaven. 
Okay! I should calm down now.
The insiders
Talking about the interiors, they have huge area, you can sit inside and enjoy beautiful music or sit outside and watch the uncle aunties staring at you. *hehe*

Beautiful interior

Beautiful interiors

Each and every seat is equally beautiful and comfortable. This place lets you relish your food to it’s last bit. Looking at the paintings and pictures, they’ve put on the walls makes your mood even better. They have a huge space to allot a good number of people. 

Best interior restaurant in delhi

seating of Barcelos

So now you know of a place in Hauz khas Village that’s not overcrowded even on weekends, plan a date already!
How’s the food?
Now we’re talking. The food here is amazing, you just need to know what to order. *WINK*
As i told you already they’re THE Pioneer of colourful burgers in India. So you must try the colourful burgers; red, black and white. 
Just for you to know, they aren’t just food coloured buns, but flavorfilled awesomeness. Yes, the buns are flavour infused.Red, black, White, whichever you like.


Mini Burgers

We loved the Mini Chicken burgers, Chicken burger, and bubblegum shake the most. So flavourful, and the buns were extremely soft.Tastiest burgerWorld’s Healthiest Burger: Chicken Burger


The best part is, these burgers are the healthiest in the town without compensating on flavours. 


Tastiest shakea in delhi

Bubblegum Shake

Talking about drinks, we tried the molecular drinks but didn’t like them much, but the bubblegum shake was out of this world. Perfect bubblegum flavor infused in milk and cream. Just dillaaaaaacious!! 
let’s wind up!

Ambience: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Pocket Friendly: 3.5/5
Staff: 4/5

So, over-all it was an overwhelming experience at Barcelos, they have a lot more to offer, i just listed the best ones. 
Go and fall in love with the scrumptious burgers! 
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