Gol Chakkar Cafe

Gol Chakkar Cafe

Here’s the newbie in town that’s grabbing a hell lot of attention, and for all the good reasons.

I’m talking about the “The Gol chakkar Cafe” that has been recently opened in Kalkaji, gol chakkar. Now you know why is it named The Gol Chakkar. Since the place is new, it is mostly vacant all the time, so it’s the best time to visit. Let me tell you about this place in detail.


Talking about the interiors, it has indoor seating as well as rooftop seating, and above the roof there’s another roof. Yes, the place is quite big to accomodate a huge crowd.

TGC interior the gol chakkar cafe kalkaji

TGC interior

Beautiful interiors, decorations, makes this place a perfect place for clicking amazing selfies. You’ll love the different vibrant colours and shades.

How’s The Food?

Okay! I loved the place, the loved the interiors and the music too, but that’s not gonna fill my empty stomach. So let’s come to the main point. Since the place is new, and one of the much talked about recently, i wanted to try everything that my little stomach could accomodate. Don’t worry mine is a very cooperative one. Lol. No more jokes. Food is a serious business. Okay, so one by one I’ll be giving a short review on everything i tried here.

1. Virgin Mojito and Electric Shock

Gol chakkar cafe, TGC

Electric Shock and Virgin Mojito

Both the Mocktails were bang-on. Especially the electric shock, it had that tangy punch and amazing soothing feel after one sip. Virgin Mojito was good, but nothing special. Just the normal virgin mojito you find anywhere.

2.Gol Gappe Shots


Gol Gappe shots

The best thing about the shots was that they served them in a truck. How cutee! but as i already said taste is what matters to me the most. The golappe failed to please my tatse buds, they were very average, from the presentation i was expecting something better.
3. Farmhouse Pizza

The Gol Chakkar Cafe pizza

Farmhouse Pizza

I absolutely loved this pizza. I’m not big fan of veg pizzas, but this one was amazing. One of the best veg pizzas I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend you try this one. You’ll love it.

4. Baked Chicken Nachos

Baked Chicken Nachos

The second best thing i loved here is this lovely platter of baked nachos. What’s the first? You’ll know. *wink*.                     The platter was sizzling hot and came straight out of the oven without any delay. The nachos were crisp, the chicken chunks were crispy and the dips were out of this world. I give this dish a five star. I can visit this place just to have this one dish.

5. Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Shake

The shake was thick, chocolaty and had all the characteristics of any good chocolate shake. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, but was good.

6. The Arancini Surprise


Arancini Surprise

“The Arancini Surprise” this is what they call it. I had no idea what was i ordering but i did anyway. I didn’t fail. It was indeed a surprise. How badly i wanted to take this cute umbrella home. The presentation was outstanding, and something i had never seen. Coming back to it’s taste, it was mashed potato filled with mozzarella cheese and rolled into cute little balls and then deep fried. It was served with mayo and lemon butter sause. I highly recommend this dish to you.
7. Chicken Biryani

Gol Chakkar Cafe

Chicken Biryani

I am a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Biryani lover, and it wasn’t mere coincidence that this place had amazing biryani. I was destined to eat this biryani. I cannot explain i was just so tempted, it took a lot of patience to click this picture. Trust me! The biryani was deliciousest( why isn’t this a word already? Nvm) I’ve ever had. The Chicken pieces were cooked to perfection, i loved every bit of it. The raita was amazing too.  I highly recommend this to you. Please try it.

8. Reconstructed Tiramisu

Gol chakkar cafe

Reconstructed Tiramisu

I never imagined I’ll get this when i order tiramisu. Again i was impressed by the presentation. I was full, yet i ordered this, i wanted to end this on a sweet note. The tiramisu was good, and the normal you get anywhere. But the presentation is what made it different from others.

let’s wind up!

Ambience: 4.5/5

Taste: 4.5/5

PocketFriendly: 3.5/5

Staff: 3/5

The main reason i loved this place is it’s beautiful interiors and amazingly delicious food. But to be honest i didn’t like the staff at all.

TGC hope you do something for that. Apart from that i loved every single thing . I highly recommend this place to you. Visit it before it gets crowded.

Hope the article helped you.If it did please leave a comment.