Easy salami sandwich recipe

Easy salami sandwich recipe

It’s one one of the easiest sandwich recipes. It tastes delicious and you spend just 5 minutes preparing this. How amazing is that?

Let’s have a look at the ingredients:


Sliced bread(i used multi grain bread)


Chicken salami slices




and that’s it! 😀

Process of making the salami sandwich:

salami sandwich

First take mayo, oregano and minced garlic and mix them up. The quantity totally depends on you.


salami sandwich recipe

This is how it’ll look. you can add up some salt if you want to.


Spread the mix on the bread slices. Looks amazing already!


Spread some lettuce on the bread slices. Yes just like in the picture. I personally love lettuce, so that’s something i love to add in my sandwiches.

salami sandwich

Time to add those juicy salami slices, and sprinkle some oregano( ’cause why not)

It’s almost ready!



How fresh and delicious does it look! *_* I’m sure you’re ready to make this delicious sandwich at home.


Serve it with your favorite sauce and dips. YESSS! It’s ready.

Go make it and watch your family and friends drool over these delicious salami sandwiches.

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Tibetan Dish: Laping/Lafing(at Popo Lafing)


This is something i’ve been dying to try.  Laping is a tibetan dish, also spelled as lafing. It was only available at Majnu ka tila, thank god its’s now available in Satyaniketan. This tiny cutesy place serves absolutely lipsmacking lafing.


The place is basically a take-away joint, but there are chairs for you to rest for a while. The staff is really humble and polite.


Lafing is a kind of flat noodle made out of mung bean and With other fillings. These are the sauces you can choose from.


I went with the red pepper sauce and oh boy! it was spicier than i thought. The lafing looked so good though.


Here’s my bowl of gorgeous gorgeous lafing. It was soo soft and spicy and delicious.

I’ve never had something like this before.

It cost me just  ₹60 .  Yess!

Go on and try it today! 😀

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Biryani by kilo: Best dum biryani

Biryani by kilo: Best dum biryani

You must be a liar or insane if you don’t like biryani. I mean just look at the fine grains feel the aroma, adn finally taste it. How can someone not like biryani?

Well here’s an amazing place for you all biryani lovers. Biryani by kilo is literally selling biryani by Kg. That’s pretty good ’cause you know how much you need to order. So here’s everything you need to know. First of all it’s a take away restaurant so i’ll talk about the food and the packaging.



This is what they deliver to you. Biryani in a perfect desi handi. And as the tag says it is dum cooked on order and that’s why might take little while to reach you.

with the handi you get few other things.


This pot like thing with candles, and accompanied by a manual.


So i followed the steps.


I lit up the candles and put the handi over it for the final dum.


Looks magnificent. Right?

As we go on and open the lid, we see beautifully cooked biryani, and feel the beautiful aroma.


Is tasted as amazing as it looks, the grains are long, the caramalised onions are perfect, and the smell is hard to resist.


Biryani is accompanied by mirchi ka salan which was equally delicious.

This is honestly the best dum biryani i’ve ever had in delhi.

Go on and order yours todayy!

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Cafeteria And CO, Satyaniketan

Cafeteria And CO, Satyaniketan


Three Way chicken fries

cafeteria and co. is one of my favorite places in Satyaniketan. It has a lot to offer starting from amazing fries to thick shakes. It has it all under one roof. This place is huge and has two floor seating for now, unlike other tine cafes in the location.

I was completely in love with the food, that i forgot to click the pictures of interiors, but this place has nice happy vibes. I had a lot of things here but i’ll mention the best ones. Keep on reading if you want to know more about it.

Things you must try

white sauce pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta

One  of the best things they have on their menu is this dish. Rich creamy mushroom sauce and fusili pasta, just amazing.
These tacos were super crunchy and the filling was so juicy and scrumptious.  Every bite was heavenly! 🙂

IMG-20170614-WA0004 - Copy

Fries topped with buttery prawns. *foodgasm* tasted amazing, and this was somehing i’ve never had before. The fries were crispy and the prawns were juicy. Perfect is the word.


Don’t you dare forget the watermelon fizz, it is one of their best sellers. It has the summer vibes and chill. It is actually refreshing and gives your mind the boost it needs.


Chicken tikka spring rolls, something really out of the box and i bet you’ve never had such amazing spring rolls before. You’d love to munch on them and you’ll end up ordering another platter for sure!


This smoothie named berry blast lived upto to its name. It was thick and *berry berry delicious* hehe. You must must try it out, i’m sure you’ll love it.


And the last one cafe frappe  is heaven for coffee lovers, its a perfect blend of coffee and cream. Just amazing.

This place is a must try, because not only it has amazing food, but it is pocket friendly too. Go on and order these if you’re visiting for the first time.

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Domino’s Chicken Wings

Domino’s Chicken Wings

Hey guys!

Yes, i know you all are curious and really eager to know about the newly launched chicken wings by Domino’s. I just went for a pizza and came back with a cute bucket in my hand. Their bucket is sure to grab some attention, it looks super cool. 

I wasn’t sure of the taste though, and it being just for ₹99 made me more skeptical. I ordered the hot wings with a cheesy dip, and was good to go!

Here’s how the tiny bucket looks like. It’s one of the best packagings introduced by Domino’s, and this surely increased my excitement.

dominos chicken wings

As i removed the lid, the hot smokey smoke rushed out. It smelled heavenly. It had 4 chicken wings, marinated in hot sause.  I was now finally ready to taste it.

Chicken wings dominos 

I took a bite and fell in love with the taste. it has a different flavor not like the usual hot fries. The taste wasn’t strong because it was baked in the herbs and spices, but you can ask them to spice it up according to your taste. You’re spending your ₹99 on an amazing thing for sure. 

Dominos chicken wings

The juicy chicken, the spicy sauce  and the mild flavor of herbs tasted just right. To be honest i really liked it, and it’s really reasonable and so you must give it a try.

Packaging: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Go and grab your bucket from the nearest Domino’s.