You must be a liar or insane if you don’t like biryani. I mean just look at the fine grains feel the aroma, adn finally taste it. How can someone not like biryani?

Well here’s an amazing place for you all biryani lovers. Biryani by kilo is literally selling biryani by Kg. That’s pretty good ’cause you know how much you need to order. So here’s everything you need to know. First of all it’s a take away restaurant so i’ll talk about the food and the packaging.



This is what they deliver to you. Biryani in a perfect desi handi. And as the tag says it is dum cooked on order and that’s why might take little while to reach you.

with the handi you get few other things.


This pot like thing with candles, and accompanied by a manual.


So i followed the steps.


I lit up the candles and put the handi over it for the final dum.


Looks magnificent. Right?

As we go on and open the lid, we see beautifully cooked biryani, and feel the beautiful aroma.


Is tasted as amazing as it looks, the grains are long, the caramalised onions are perfect, and the smell is hard to resist.


Biryani is accompanied by mirchi ka salan which was equally delicious.

This is honestly the best dum biryani i’ve ever had in delhi.

Go on and order yours todayy!

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