Raasta: The amazing reggae themed restaurant

Raasta: The amazing reggae themed restaurant

Raasta has always been there on my wishlist, and then i read about their Sunday brunch and i had to try it. What an amazing way to spend your Sunday.
Raasta is nearby the Green park metro station, it’s easy to locate.
The interiors are beautifully done. Even the rooftop is picturesque.
trippin Flavors
I was already overwhelmed with the reggae theme and songs.
To be honest it was all heavenly. I fell in love with the theme already and was yet to try out their food.
Talking about the food, everything was Lip-smacking.
There wasn’t a thing that i didn’t like but I’ll surely list my favorites.
Chicken Faffa: I’ve been obsessed with this dish since the day i tried it. The chicken faffa here was sooo creamy and juicy. I loved every bit of it. The chicken was cooked to perfection and i loved it.
Barabados non veg platter: or maybe you can say heaven in a Platter. It had all the amazing non veg dishes. Sausage and bacon wrapper were showstopper though. Other dishes on the platter were chicken skewers, lamb jalapeño cigar rolls, and carib chicken strips. OMG! I can still feel the taste.
The homestyle cuban fish: These were so amazing i ended up ordering them again. It was super crispy amd that tartar dip was amazing.  A must try ya’ll!!
Their cocktails especially the ones served in a bong a definitely not to be missed. The supernatural was really amazing. Do try it whenever you’re here.
And and
For dessert i had the best walnut Brownie ever. It tasted so fresh and i had walnut in every bite. Awesome!!!
So my experience was amazing. I loved every bite i had here. The staff was really friendly and fast.
If you go with my recommendations you can never go wrong.
If you’re anywhere near Green Park do try out this awesome place!
As always i kept my blog short and to the point. Hope it was helpful!

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Domino’s Chicken Wings

Domino’s Chicken Wings

Hey guys!

Yes, i know you all are curious and really eager to know about the newly launched chicken wings by Domino’s. I just went for a pizza and came back with a cute bucket in my hand. Their bucket is sure to grab some attention, it looks super cool. 

I wasn’t sure of the taste though, and it being just for ₹99 made me more skeptical. I ordered the hot wings with a cheesy dip, and was good to go!

Here’s how the tiny bucket looks like. It’s one of the best packagings introduced by Domino’s, and this surely increased my excitement.

dominos chicken wings

As i removed the lid, the hot smokey smoke rushed out. It smelled heavenly. It had 4 chicken wings, marinated in hot sause.  I was now finally ready to taste it.

Chicken wings dominos 

I took a bite and fell in love with the taste. it has a different flavor not like the usual hot fries. The taste wasn’t strong because it was baked in the herbs and spices, but you can ask them to spice it up according to your taste. You’re spending your ₹99 on an amazing thing for sure. 

Dominos chicken wings

The juicy chicken, the spicy sauce  and the mild flavor of herbs tasted just right. To be honest i really liked it, and it’s really reasonable and so you must give it a try.

Packaging: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Go and grab your bucket from the nearest Domino’s. 

The Chocotella Fest

The Chocotella Fest

​Here’s all about the much awaited “Chocotella Fest”. I’m a sucker for Nutella and i had to go to this fest. This was a really cool event by JustDelhiing. 

Okay! So the event was at The Nest, Lado Sarai. The place was pretty cool, and we got a parking spot easily. 

Below are the things i loved about The Chocotella Fest and few things that i didn’t like about it. 

Beautiful Decors 

Chocotella fest

They had cool and quirky decors.From floral decor to banners and posters everything was beautiful. Perfect for great poses and amazing selfies.

chocotella fest

The place was already jam-packed when we entered. Everything seemed so fun and trust me, people were having a great time. The place was pretty lit, with loud music and a bar too with their special ₹20 beer. 

Sweet Nutella scent was everywhere, and was driving us crazy. I want to get to that part but let me first finish completing how pretty the place looked. 

They had beautiful backdrops and props for beautiful pictures. This particular one was my favorite spot, and i had too many pictures clicked here. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss something like this in the future.

Delectable delicacies

 This event was nothing less than a paradise for all the dessert lovers. They had everything from Nutella pizza to stuffed Macarons. Everything was so bright and colourful. I’m not a huge fan of desserts still managed to get my hands on a few things.

  • Macaron sandwich

This macaron sandwich was delicious! The macarons tasted fresh and the filling was delicious. It wasn’t too sweet and tasted just perfect. I have had macarons earlier, but this was just so good!

  • Cake in glass( I don’t remember the name. Lol)

I was planning to have the cake in a jar but then this had my attention. Just look at them! They looked so pretty, baked and decorated with love. Again the cake was super delicious and fresh. It tasted as good as it looked. 

  • Nutella brownie

Look at ’em brownies. These droolworthy brwonies were selling the most as i could see. Everyone had a brownie on their plate. The brownies were soft and chocolaty. Tasted just right!

  •  Ferrero Rocher Nutella Icecream

This nitrogen ice cream was everything you expect from it’s name. The crunch of ferrero rocher and the softness of nutella. This was bang on! They had fruity flavors like kiwi and pineapple too but nutella won! Yippee!

So guys! These were all the things i loved about the fest. I loved almost everything, but there were a few things which could’ve been better.

  1. The interiors were really conjusted, and on a hot summer day it was kind of impossible to sit outside. There could’ve been a few more air coolers here and there.
  2. The washrooms were dark, gloomy and unhygienic. The fest has nothing to do with it but since it was their day the staff could’ve looked after this.
  3. They got so busy in providing cheap beers that they forgot people drink water too. They were charging 100₹ for one litre water bottle.

Apart from these three things everything was amazing and it was an overwhelming experience. I’m glad i could be a part of this.

Kudos #TeamJustdelhiing It was a day to remember all ’cause of you guys!

Taste Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Taste Test: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

​Hey guys!
How’re you doing? Have you taken your dieting plans off of your resolutions already? Me too! Just kidding that was never my resolution. 
By the way! Here’s something brand new, have you watched the new Dairy Milk silk Oreo advertisement? Didn’t it drive you crazy? I mean yeah, Oreo with everything was already available in the market, but Cadbury just now launched it officially. I mean that’s something new. Plus it’s my first product review and i hope it’s helpful.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

The other day i was strolling in the lanes of Sarojini Nagar and i stopped by a general store for picking a water bottle. and guess what i found this, i found Dairy Milk Silk Oreo! That was supposed to be available only in big bazaar i guess, but lucky me, and this made me so happy. Without any second thought i bought the biggest bar of the product they had.

Packaging and Price

The product has really attractive packaging, good enough to provoke you to buy it, that’s what happened with me.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Product Packaging

It’s for all the people who wanna check-out what’s really inside the chocolate bar, calories and all. I’m not a person who would count calories. I see food, i eat it.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Product packaging

The 130g of this chocolate costs ₹170, that’s the normal price you pay for any Cardbury Dairy Milk Silk.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

The packaging is similar to any Cadbury chocolate,outer packing then a paper wrap and a golden foil. We all love to unwrap chololates, don’t we?

Taste Test

I was really skeptical about the taste, I don’t know why but i wasn’t sure of the taste, but deep down really hoped for it to turn out to be extremely delicious.If you are a Dairy milk silk and an Oreo fan you should know what I’m talking about.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

The bar looks really delicious, and I wanted to eat it without any delay, but who’d click the pictures then? haha. Don’t thank me, anything for you people.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo

Crunchy oreos in the middle

And here i took the first bite of the chocolate, and trust me there was a hurricane going on in my mind because it was damn delicious. Success!! Woohooo! Our all time favorite crunchy oreos wrapped in delectable Dairy milk silk chocolate, made it taste 100000 times tastier. The Oreos were really crunchy, I wonder how did they manage to make it with such perfection. 
As you take a bite, initially you taste the dairy milk silk but later you indulge in the crunchy oreo cookies. Together they taste just perfect!
I would definitely recommend you to try it as soon as possible, if you’re a Dairy milk and Oreo fan you’d definitely love it.

Taste: 5/5

Price: ₹170 for the big bar, and ₹75 for the smaller one.

Where to find one: In all the big bazaars, if lucky might find in a general stores like I did.

Will I eat it again: Yes! Obviously.
Guys, luckily it’s not a limited edition, Cadbury has launched it as one of their mainstream products. So don’t worry, I hope you’ll find one soon too.

Don’t forget to comment  your views on this Chocolate.

Frozen ‘Fantasy or nightmare’?

Frozen ‘Fantasy or nightmare’?

Satyaniketan has always been a hub of delicious pasta, pizzas and burgers, but now they have a lot to serve to the sweet tooth too. 

Yes! This article is for all the sweet-tooth out there. Frozen Fantasy is the newly opened cakeshop-c-icecream parlor.

The place is tiny and cute, all the sweeties are displayed in front of you. Yes! You’ll have tough time deciding whether to have an ice-cream or eat that delicious looking cupcake. 


As the place is a take-away one, so there’s nothing much to say how it looks. Over-all the place is tiny, painted in pastel shades. Pastries and cupcakes are displayed on the right and icecream on the left. 

inside the outlet

The place can hold 4-5 people at once, not more than that. No seating! If you planned to sit there and have a conversation over a dessert, then NO!There’s no seating.
How’s the food?

As i entered the place, i was mesmerized as everything looked so pretty and delicious! Though i’m not a sweet-tooth, I’m more of a Savory person, but the looks were good enough to tempt me. 


tasty cupcakes

Tempting cupcakes

One more thing, the cupcakes here are extremely cheap, cheapest I’ve ever had.

So i tried the dark chocolate cupcake,  red velvet cupcake, and a red velvet pastry. They looked extremely fancy. The cupcakes were folded in extremely adorable paper cups. 

tastiest cupcake, pink cupcake

Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcake looked the prettiest as you can already see, but I was extremely disappointed with it’s taste. It wasn’t even edible. I cannot explain how horrifying it was. I just tasted and I felt like puking. I think they should pay me back, because now I’m afraid of trying out the new bakeries.

“Everything that glitters isn’t gold” Lesson learned. 

chocolate chocolate chip

chocolate cupcake

After trying the red velvet I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try this one too, but i spent money on it, so I had to. 

The chocolate chips topped aren’t as tasty as they appear to be, but it was “faaaarr” better than the red velvet cupcake. Anyway i didn’t like it, it was just better than the earlier one. I wouldn’t even offer this to my worst enemy. 

red velvet

Red velvet pastry

Lastly, the red velvet pastry. Don’t try this or you’ll start hating red velvet forever, and I’m sure you don’t want to hate your favorite dessert forever. It tasted worse than your “nukkad wala bakery”. Yes, it did! Trust me. 

Such a fancy name, a fancy outlet, and this is what you’re being served.

I don’t know, why did they even start this at the first place. The staff had no idea about anything. They didn’t care if we liked the food or not.
 let’s wind up!

Ambience: 3/5

Taste: 1/5 

PocketFriendly: 4/5

Staff: 3/5

So it was not at all a great experience. I really don’t want any one of you to go through this. 

I ordered these after the staff recommended me to try these.Can you imagine? 

This is how you ruin your afternoon.

 Will i ever visit this place again? Hell no!
Hope it was a helpful post. Comment below.

Forget them-usual -burgers at Barcelos

Forget them-usual -burgers at Barcelos

If you’re in Hauz khas village and craving some delicious burgers, then this is the place to be in. They have some kick-ass burgers that’ll leave you chanting their name for weeks, and you’ll end up visiting the place twice or thrice or even more i guess 

*evil laugh*
‘Barcelos’ is the pioneer of colourful burgers in India. For people who don’t know, yes ‘colour burgers’ are a thing!
These cute beautiful little things look like as they’ve been dropped directly from heaven. 
Okay! I should calm down now.
The insiders
Talking about the interiors, they have huge area, you can sit inside and enjoy beautiful music or sit outside and watch the uncle aunties staring at you. *hehe*

Beautiful interior

Beautiful interiors

Each and every seat is equally beautiful and comfortable. This place lets you relish your food to it’s last bit. Looking at the paintings and pictures, they’ve put on the walls makes your mood even better. They have a huge space to allot a good number of people. 

Best interior restaurant in delhi

seating of Barcelos

So now you know of a place in Hauz khas Village that’s not overcrowded even on weekends, plan a date already!
How’s the food?
Now we’re talking. The food here is amazing, you just need to know what to order. *WINK*
As i told you already they’re THE Pioneer of colourful burgers in India. So you must try the colourful burgers; red, black and white. 
Just for you to know, they aren’t just food coloured buns, but flavorfilled awesomeness. Yes, the buns are flavour infused.Red, black, White, whichever you like.


Mini Burgers

We loved the Mini Chicken burgers, Chicken burger, and bubblegum shake the most. So flavourful, and the buns were extremely soft.Tastiest burgerWorld’s Healthiest Burger: Chicken Burger


The best part is, these burgers are the healthiest in the town without compensating on flavours. 


Tastiest shakea in delhi

Bubblegum Shake

Talking about drinks, we tried the molecular drinks but didn’t like them much, but the bubblegum shake was out of this world. Perfect bubblegum flavor infused in milk and cream. Just dillaaaaaacious!! 
let’s wind up!

Ambience: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Pocket Friendly: 3.5/5
Staff: 4/5

So, over-all it was an overwhelming experience at Barcelos, they have a lot more to offer, i just listed the best ones. 
Go and fall in love with the scrumptious burgers! 
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