Hey guys!

Yes, i know you all are curious and really eager to know about the newly launched chicken wings by Domino’s. I just went for a pizza and came back with a cute bucket in my hand. Their bucket is sure to grab some attention, it looks super cool. 

I wasn’t sure of the taste though, and it being just for ₹99 made me more skeptical. I ordered the hot wings with a cheesy dip, and was good to go!

Here’s how the tiny bucket looks like. It’s one of the best packagings introduced by Domino’s, and this surely increased my excitement.

dominos chicken wings

As i removed the lid, the hot smokey smoke rushed out. It smelled heavenly. It had 4 chicken wings, marinated in hot sause.  I was now finally ready to taste it.

Chicken wings dominos 

I took a bite and fell in love with the taste. it has a different flavor not like the usual hot fries. The taste wasn’t strong because it was baked in the herbs and spices, but you can ask them to spice it up according to your taste. You’re spending your ₹99 on an amazing thing for sure. 

Dominos chicken wings

The juicy chicken, the spicy sauce  and the mild flavor of herbs tasted just right. To be honest i really liked it, and it’s really reasonable and so you must give it a try.

Packaging: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5

Go and grab your bucket from the nearest Domino’s.