It’s one one of the easiest sandwich recipes. It tastes delicious and you spend just 5 minutes preparing this. How amazing is that?

Let’s have a look at the ingredients:


Sliced bread(i used multi grain bread)


Chicken salami slices




and that’s it! 😀

Process of making the salami sandwich:

salami sandwich

First take mayo, oregano and minced garlic and mix them up. The quantity totally depends on you.


salami sandwich recipe

This is how it’ll look. you can add up some salt if you want to.


Spread the mix on the bread slices. Looks amazing already!


Spread some lettuce on the bread slices. Yes just like in the picture. I personally love lettuce, so that’s something i love to add in my sandwiches.

salami sandwich

Time to add those juicy salami slices, and sprinkle some oregano( ’cause why not)

It’s almost ready!



How fresh and delicious does it look! *_* I’m sure you’re ready to make this delicious sandwich at home.


Serve it with your favorite sauce and dips. YESSS! It’s ready.

Go make it and watch your family and friends drool over these delicious salami sandwiches.

Comment below if you found it useful! 🙂