Satyaniketan has always been a hub of delicious pasta, pizzas and burgers, but now they have a lot to serve to the sweet tooth too. 

Yes! This article is for all the sweet-tooth out there. Frozen Fantasy is the newly opened cakeshop-c-icecream parlor.

The place is tiny and cute, all the sweeties are displayed in front of you. Yes! You’ll have tough time deciding whether to have an ice-cream or eat that delicious looking cupcake. 


As the place is a take-away one, so there’s nothing much to say how it looks. Over-all the place is tiny, painted in pastel shades. Pastries and cupcakes are displayed on the right and icecream on the left. 

inside the outlet

The place can hold 4-5 people at once, not more than that. No seating! If you planned to sit there and have a conversation over a dessert, then NO!There’s no seating.
How’s the food?

As i entered the place, i was mesmerized as everything looked so pretty and delicious! Though i’m not a sweet-tooth, I’m more of a Savory person, but the looks were good enough to tempt me. 


tasty cupcakes

Tempting cupcakes

One more thing, the cupcakes here are extremely cheap, cheapest I’ve ever had.

So i tried the dark chocolate cupcake,  red velvet cupcake, and a red velvet pastry. They looked extremely fancy. The cupcakes were folded in extremely adorable paper cups. 

tastiest cupcake, pink cupcake

Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet cupcake looked the prettiest as you can already see, but I was extremely disappointed with it’s taste. It wasn’t even edible. I cannot explain how horrifying it was. I just tasted and I felt like puking. I think they should pay me back, because now I’m afraid of trying out the new bakeries.

“Everything that glitters isn’t gold” Lesson learned. 

chocolate chocolate chip

chocolate cupcake

After trying the red velvet I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try this one too, but i spent money on it, so I had to. 

The chocolate chips topped aren’t as tasty as they appear to be, but it was “faaaarr” better than the red velvet cupcake. Anyway i didn’t like it, it was just better than the earlier one. I wouldn’t even offer this to my worst enemy. 

red velvet

Red velvet pastry

Lastly, the red velvet pastry. Don’t try this or you’ll start hating red velvet forever, and I’m sure you don’t want to hate your favorite dessert forever. It tasted worse than your “nukkad wala bakery”. Yes, it did! Trust me. 

Such a fancy name, a fancy outlet, and this is what you’re being served.

I don’t know, why did they even start this at the first place. The staff had no idea about anything. They didn’t care if we liked the food or not.
 let’s wind up!

Ambience: 3/5

Taste: 1/5 

PocketFriendly: 4/5

Staff: 3/5

So it was not at all a great experience. I really don’t want any one of you to go through this. 

I ordered these after the staff recommended me to try these.Can you imagine? 

This is how you ruin your afternoon.

 Will i ever visit this place again? Hell no!
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