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I am here again with a new place and new memories. Satyaniketan has always been my favorite, not only because the restaurants here are pocket friendly, but also because there’s a huge number of restaurants to decide from.

This time we were just fooling around and this pretty restaurant came into our notice. “Tin Town” the interiors had something to do with ‘tin’ i guess.


As i walked in, i was completely shocked with how pretty and creative the interior was. The place isn’t really huge but big enough to hold 20 people.Dont worry it is more spacious than  Hera Pheri and QRO.

best interior


The seats are really comfortable and you can comfortably sit and have a chat with your friends or partner. They have a separate setup for hookah which really impressed me ’cause hookah smoke is really a no-no for me.

The place has tiny lamps and a pretty setup which makes it really beautiful at night.

How’s the food?

I was quite skeptical with the food because the staff didn’t seem to be quite professional with the work, doesn’t change the fact that they were extremely polite and courteous.

They handed over the menu, which took me a while to read, because they have everything in the menu!

Chinese, indian, and continental as well. This is the place to be in whenever you’re craving nachos, kebabs, burger, and noodles at the same time. This place is a blessing!

First of all i order a plate of baked chicken nachos. Oh-my-gosh! To be honest it was the best nachos I’ve ever had in my life, they made the nachos extra cheesy on my request. Perfectly cooked chicken, crispy nachos. Perfect amount of jalapenos, served with the best dip!


Baked nachos, baked nachos, baked nachos

Baked chicken nachos

Next we ordered a coffee frappe and a KitKat shake. The coffee frappe was delicious, perfect coffee with a hint of chocolate. Just the way it should be made.

Kitkat, kit kat, KitKat shake

KitKat Shake

On the other hand KitKat shake wasn’t that good, the consistency wasn’t thik, and the KitKat was floating inside. It wasn’t too bad, neither was it too good.

Coffee Frappe

Coffee Frappe

Then i thought of trying something Desi, So i ordered chicken tikka. The platter looked so pretty and seemed like the tikkas were dying to jump into my mouth. Tikkas were definitely as good as they appeared, perfect blend of flavours and masala, cooked to perfection. Tikkas were literally melting in my mouth. It was served with an equally delicious coriander chutney! Just perfect.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka

Pasta and pizza are two things which almost everone loves. They had baked pasta in their menu so we tried that too, and pizza veggie delight from all the pizzas they had.

The amount of pasta they served was way too much! I mean really, the quantity was really good. We don’t usually get such quantity in other restaurants. It was sizzling hot, straight out from the oven. It was very gooey and cheesy. Served with 2 garlic breads. The pasta tasted good, but I’d prefer normal pasta over baked pasta anyday.

Baked pasta

Baked Pasta

Usually i don’t eat veg pizza but this one tasted just too good. Thin crust, topped with tangy sause, and appropriate amount of cheese and veggies. The pizza tasted really good.

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pizza Veggie Delight

I was almost full,but didn’t want to leave thr place without trying a dessert. The staff recommended me to try Ebony and Ivory. So i did. Trust me people it tasted so good! It was a perfect dessert. It wasn’t too sweet, just perfect. It was toped with chocolate cyrup which completed the dessert.

Desserts, best dessert

Ebony and Ivory

let’s wind up!

Ambience: 4/5

Taste: 4.5/5

PocketFriendly: 4/5

Staff: 4.5/5

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in Satyaniketan. You can plan a get-together with your friends, or a romantic date with your partner. The place is just perfect to soothe your tastebuds. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Will i visit this place again? Definitely yes. I’m going try more of their food.
Hope you liked the post!

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